Native only to the Brazilian Savanna, the Baru Nut has recently caught the attention of superfood experts as the best nut in the world due to its much higher nutritional value when compared to other traditional nuts, fewer calories and its great, a mix between peanuts and cashews. With a delicious flavor and 21 grams of protein per pouch (90g), the Baru Nut has more Protein than Almonds, more Fiber than Pecans, more Iron & Zinc than Brazil Nuts, more Potassium & Calcium than Cashews and less calories and fat than all of them. They also have many anti-oxidants, essential fatty-acids and Omegas. The bioactive principles in the Baru nut act as protectors because of its anti-inflammatory actions. The production chain of the Baru promotes good socio-environmental practices. Many families are now involved in planting and hand-picking the baru seeds and tree seedlings and not all fruits are taken from the tree, leaving plenty of fruit for the wildlife to eat and disperse the seeds. With this work, many families no longer cut down the Baru tree for timber, since maintaining the tree standing is far more valuable. Many of the people who live in rural areas and are involved with the Baru are now becoming aware that these environmental cares are crucial for a better life in the Savanna.

Baru Nuts 90g (2-PACK)

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