Frequently Asked Questions

Are Baru nuts allergic ?

No known allergic reactions to Baru nuts have been documented from local consumers and through academic studies.   

Like all legume family members of which Baru nut is part of, there is a possibility of allergic reaction in particular if you are allergic to other legumes (Soy, Lupines, Peanuts, etc.). 

Are Baru nuts organic ?

Baru Nuts are grown and harvested in completely wild environments surrounded by savanna extensions.  No artificial chemicals or pesticides of any kind are used before, during or after the harvest and processing.  Baru Nuts are organic under all circumstances; obtaining organic certification is in our agenda for the near future

Should I worry about GMO in Baru nuts ?

Not at all, Baru nuts are GMO free as they come pristine from nature.

What about heavy metals ?

Almost non-existent in Baru nuts. Laboratory test carried out have resulted in less than 1< ppm (parts per million) basis. Heavy metals are prevalent in all foods; the difference is which levels are found. 

What does it mean to be “pollinator friendly”?

Certain crops are grown in a manner that changes the local landscape; these ecological alterations influence the livelihood of insects and animals that pollinate flowers.  Most of the plant base foods we consume require the service of a pollinator to exist. Due to their wild nature, Baru nuts do not endanger the health of pollinator colonies but rather enrich it.

Why is Baru a nut with a “low water footprint”?

Nearly all crops use diverted irrigation to supply their water needs, especially most common nuts, since most are grown in water deprived areas where the water needs are excessive. Baru nuts only use rainwater for irrigation and very little water is used during the processing so the over all water footprint for Baru Nut is very low.

How much antioxidants are in Baru Nuts ?

Baru nuts have more antioxidants than any other nut in the market!

When tested, ORAC levels for Baru nuts (a unit of measurement for antioxidant content) resulted in 21,100 micromoles per 100 grams. To put this in perspective, before Baru nuts arrived, the nut with the most antioxidant content were Pecans, with an ORAC level of 17,940.

Can I eat Baru nuts every day ?

Absolutely, Baru nuts are a concentrated source of valuable nutrients and body friendly compounds that can be appreciated in a variety of ways everyday. Discretion on your part should be considered if you suffer from certain food allergies.

Are Baru nuts safe for children ?

Yes, children to the elderly enjoy Baru nuts for their great taste and amazing nutritional benefits.  

Are Baru nuts safe for pregnant women ?

Yes, however caution should always be considered if your condition is delicate, then consult with your personal doctor.

Can I eat the skin?

Absolutely, Baru nuts can be enjoyed with or without the skin.  The skin is rich in bioactive compounds with positive health effects as well as other nutrients.

Is there cholesterol in Baru nuts ?

NONE, quite the opposite, the extremely rich fiber content and wide range of essential and trace nutrients in Baru nuts can be a good cholesterol reducing food.

Are Baru nuts raw ?

 No, the roasting process enhances the rich nutty undertones while maintaining the extreme nutrition found in Baru nuts.

How are they roasted ?

We use German state of the art roasting machines to roast evenly in small batches

Why is there a size disparity in the nuts ?

Considering the Baru nut is not a monocrop but wild grown and harvested, there is no size discrimination during harvesting and processing.  Some trees receive more water and nutrients than others thus the size of the nut is larger.

Do Baru nuts come from fair trade practices ?

Yes, collection cooperatives are the lifeline of the Baru nut business. We negotiate prices on a year-to-year basis where both parties come out satisfied in the short and long term.

Why have I never heard of Baru nuts before ?

 Baru nuts are a very local product and even within Brazil, outside of its native region, it is not that well known yet.  We are working fervently to change this and make sure locals, nationals and internationals can enjoy all the wonders and nutrients of Baru nuts.

Are Baru nuts sustainably sourced ?

YES, a percentage of the fruits are left in the wild to feed the local wildlife and continue it’s natural reproduction cycle.  Trees that otherwise would be chopped down for wood now provide shade, sequester carbon, fix nitrogen, create oxygen and give us the gold of the savanna, the incredible Baru Nut.

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